Top 6 Movies of Saibaba You Should Watch Immediately

Movies of Saibaba in India is one of the most awaited queries Which has been asked in google. So in this article, we suggest you Top 6 Movies of Saibaba that You Should Watch Immediately.

Shirdi’s Sai was a great saint. In his time of India was being ruled by the British. The photograph was taken from simple cameras at that time. So the photos were not colorful. There were no such advanced technologies to make a film in India. So because of the British rule, he makes the film. So slowly progressed in the film industry, and All the films were set in Bombay.

To write the Sai Baba’s life story, their devotees had tried to do it. All producers used to come to Shirdi to know the Baba’s history, but no one came out for the film. Finally, in 1918 After Baba’s death, the crowd of devotees started increasing in Shirdi.

Some producers came forward to make a movie. At that time, all the historical and fantasy films were all in Black and White.

Some Producers came to Shirdi to collect Baba’s story. Some producers came to Shiridi again and again to collect Baba’s history. From Sai Satcharitra, producers can find all the facts about Sai Baba. Many researchers had made a lot of efforts to know about Baba.

Movies of Saibaba


This movie is made in 1977 in India, and it is the first movie of Sai Baba. Ashok Bhushan and screenplay direct this movie by superstar Monoj Kumar. Staring Sudhir Dalvi as Sai Baba of Shirdi.

Superstar Monoj Kumar was acting as a devotee and a great scientist. Rajendra Kumar, Hema Malini, Shatrughan Sinha, Krishna Dhawan, Raj mahal, Birbal, Ratnam. The music of Shiridi ka Sai Baba is Mahammad Rafi, Anup Jalota, Lata Mangeshkar, and Asha Bhosle.

sri sai baba mahathyam


This picture was released in 1986. The best Telugu film directed by K.Basu and Vijay ch. Act as Sai bab role. This film gets a chance in the international film festival of India and Moscow film festival, and it is dubbed in Hindi as SHIRDI SAI BABA KI KAHANI and into Tamil SHREE SHIRDI SAI BABA.

Bhagavan sri sai baba


This is a Kannad film released in 1989 and Directed by Omm Sai Prakash, who acted in a lead role. Raaj Kumar, Bramhavar, and Vijay Lakshmi also worked in this film.

shree sai mahima


This picture belongs to a Telugu film directed by Ashok Kumar, and it was released in 2000. Sai Prakash has a leading role. Murali Mohan, Jaga Sudhir, and P.J Sharma are the other actors in this film. The music of Shree Sai baba leads a unique charm to the movie from beginning to end. This picture altogether a documentary film of the Perfect Saint in Shirdi.

Malik ek


This Hindi film base on Shiridi Sai baba and directed by Balaraj Vij, and this movie was released in 2010.

Movies of Saibaba


A Telugu Hindi dubbed full movie about Shirdi Sai. The main actor is south Telugu hero Nagarjuna and co-star Srikanth.

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