Why is Shirdi Saibaba bagging alms door to door?

Shirdi Sai Baba, a revered saint, often wandered around Shirdi, a small village in India. His practice of begging for alms door to door wasn’t a means of sustenance but a spiritual lesson. Baba used this act as a teaching tool, displaying the essence of humility and equality.

Through his actions, Baba taught the importance of selflessness, treating everyone equally, and the value of surrendering ego. Begging allowed him to connect intimately with people from all walks of life, erasing social barriers. It was a symbolic act demonstrating that God resides in all beings, irrespective of their social status.

Baba’s humility was evident as he accepted whatever was offered to him, whether it was food, money, or anything else, without discrimination. This act conveyed the message of acceptance and gratitude, teaching his followers the significance of contentment and detachment from material possessions.

While his devotees were eager to serve him, Baba used this practice not for his own needs but as a lesson for their spiritual growth. His actions weren’t just about seeking alms but about fostering a sense of unity, compassion, and devotion among his followers, emphasizing the deeper meaning of life beyond materialistic pursuits.

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