Palki of Sai baba: how to make Sai Palki ?

The Shiridi Sai’s Palki was made of wood in 1910 with the help of some devotees. Its length will be around 10ft. Two wooden supports beside Palki, which is around 6ft. To carry it. Usually, 4 Cornersomen needed to carry the Palki.

Now, there are so many Palki Yatras held on Thursday At the rest of all Sai Mandir in the world. In addition to Shirdi, the size of Palki in the rest of the temples are very small. They use Palki made of wood, marble, and steel. The size of those Palki is different.

sai ki palki

Some Palki has no rooftop above them. Some Palki roof is decorated in a great way In some temples. In Shiridi, there is a lot of rule in Shiridi Sai Sansthan to take the Palki. Even when all the people wish to take it on Palki yatra, it’s not that easy to do it. So they do all the programs of Sai in their area, Palki Yatra also. In that Palki, They sit an Idol or photo or Paduka of Sai baba and take pleasure. So, It does not make any difference between being small or big, and there is no rule.

sai baba palki

From the year 1910, when Sai baba lived in Dwarkamai Masjid, he used to sleep in Chawadi. A Palki procession accompanied his visit to Chawadi with all designatory including Tatya Kote Patil. Shiridi is filled with grass blessing and love of Saibaba. The Palki procession is conducted every Thursday; it starts from SAMADHI MANDIR, which is in the eternal abode of Sri Sai, proceeds to Dwarkamai, and moves to Chavadi. From Chavadi, it returns to Samadhi mandir.

Palki on Thursday

Every Thursday, Palki held at around 8 pm. Sai’s old portrait wrapped in a royal robe, Sacred staff and Sacred Paduka keep in a silver plate are place on Thrown at the Samadhi to be view by the devotee and 9 pm devotees Crowd at samadhi mandir and singing Bhajan and Abhangs at 9:15 pm procession start from Samadhi Mandir carrying Baba’s portrait held under a Big Umbrella at that time traditional honor of holding the portrait of Saibaba goes to the member of Tatya Kote Patils presents a generation of family members. Thursday is considered to us and the most important day worship of Sai baba at Shiridi. Many people reach Shiridi on Thursday or before Thursday.

Sai devotees and other people worldwide highly crowd every evening to see Palki in Shiridi. Nowadays Crowd becomes 40 to 60 thousand on Thursday.

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