Sai Baba’s Miraculous Intervention: How Udi and Arati Ensured Safe Delivery for Chandorkar’s Daughter Minatai

Minatai Chandorkar, the daughter of Shri Hari Vinayak Chandorkar, was a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba. During her pregnancy, she suffered greatly due to complications and was confined to bed rest. Her family was deeply worried about her health and the safe delivery of her baby.

In response to their prayers, Sai Baba sent Udi (holy ash) and Arati (ritual worship with aarti lamp) with Bapugir Gosavi from Shirdi to ensure Minatai’s safe delivery. It is said that Minatai applied the Udi on her body and took it internally as directed by Baba, and miraculously recovered from her illness.

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On the day of the delivery, Bapugir Gosavi performed Arati and chanted Baba’s name, and Minatai safely gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The family was overjoyed and deeply grateful to Sai Baba for his divine intervention and blessings.

This incident is a testament to Sai Baba’s miraculous powers and his unconditional love and compassion for his devotees. It also highlights the importance of faith and devotion in times of distress and the power of prayer in seeking divine intervention.

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