Sai Baba story -: Whatever I say is true.

There was a lot of Leela going on when there was a baba in Shirdi. Shirdi’s population is growing day by day. Anyone who went to see Baba was returning home with a lot of experience. Not all backgrounds have been collected so far. The history of Shirdi’s events is unparalleled. The more you search, the more data you will find.

Most importantly, Sai’s promise has never been wrong or untrue. Everyone could make it available. Even after Baba’s burial, his word reached the devotees through some means. Sai Baba’s words seemed to be an exception, as the devotees were trapped in Maya, but the truth was right.

While Baba was in Shirdi, a couple came and visited him. Seeing them, Baba said happily, “I have a gift.” I’ll give you that gift. They came home from Shirdi and had a baby a few days later. Seeing the child, the parents were overjoyed to see Sai Baba. The two parents, who were mired in Maya, did not understand that day. I fled home. The baby died precisely 14 months later. Now I have brought her to me.


 Whatever he said was true. There was never a lie except for the truth. We need to have the same qualifications to understand. It is not easy to comprehend Sai Baba from Sadguru because he is in love with Maya.

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