guru leads human towards peace and liberation . SAI’s QUOTE

guru leads human towards peace and liberation

We do not want to end the story with Baba’s Mahasamadhi, for Baba’s avatar has no end. Let us pause a bit in 1918 and take note of Guruhood’s divine rebirth in enormous proportions and limitless directions. The mission of the Guru has carried on unendingly till this hour.

 We have also not delineated individuals appearing after 1918 with the events and experiences in their lifetime association with Baba.

 There are countless small and big personalities with higher backgrounds and vision of Baba’s grace since then. The lives of Rege, Tarkhad, Pradhan, Galwankar Purandare, Narke, and Muslim devotees who came in contact with Baba in his mortal form have found sufficient light in the presently available biographies by Dabholkar, Narasinha SwamĂ­, and others.

 A separate story will have to be written to enumerate experiences of all who followed Baba after 1918. Here we end this biography with a portrayal of Baba as an epoch-making but benign Guru incarnation.

Sai Baba was an epoch-making Guru incarnation of the present age. He raised the banner of universal love and brightened the religious horizon of India and the world with Divine grace. Apart from the toughness of the Vedic religion, Baba is the rigid devotion of Vaishnavas. His exposition and direction are unique beyond all barriers of religion, castes, sects, creeds, and cults. He blends all religious cults in himself, including dhyana, yoga, bhakti, and Sufi, Kabir, Nath, and Datta sadhanas.

You see me once, I will always see you.

Many people from Shirdi came to Baba from a distance. Some of them were devotees. In 1917, a famous Kirtanaka from Mumbai came to Shirdi to visit SAI BABA. He was known at the time as the ‘modern Tukaram.’ “I knew you four years ago,” he told his first interview with Sai Baba. Kirtanakar, Balbuba, was surprised to hear that. How did Sai find out that he recognized me? Sai has never left Shirdi. 

Balbuba has never been to Shirdi before. Thinking about all this, he sat down and chanted the memories of the past four years. Suddenly he remembered that four years ago, he bowed to an oil painting of SAI BABA. He had full faith in his BABA’s truth. Balabuba understood the universality of the saints. Four years ago, from a devotional greeting, Sai realized that he knew him well, that he would find someone who would respectfully bow to him. Not only that, but Sai also always sees that devotee.

  The devotee does not understand the Guru’s Leela at all. Greetings to Baba’s picture is to get to know Baba. He will never forget if we can ignore it. Visiting images of saints is equivalent to his direct vision. That’s why he always sees us once he sees a photo or statue with Sai. You have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

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