The Grace of Sai Baba: The Story of Kashiram Shimpi’s Final Journey in Shirdi

Kashiram Shimpi was a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba who had a special relationship with the saint. He was known for his unflinching devotion and his willingness to serve Baba in any way possible.

On the day of Ekadasi in the Chaitra Shukla Paksha, which fell on April 10, 1908, Kashiram Shimpi visited Shirdi to see Baba. As was his habit, he brought with him a basket of fruits and other offerings to present to the saint.

Baba was in a particularly cheerful mood that day, and he welcomed Kashiram Shimpi warmly. They spent several hours together, with Kashiram Shimpi singing bhajans and Baba listening intently.

As the day wore on, Kashiram Shimpi began to feel unwell. Baba noticed his discomfort and asked him what was wrong. Kashiram Shimpi replied that he was experiencing a severe headache.

Baba immediately took action, applying a paste of sandalwood to Kashiram Shimpi’s forehead and instructing him to lie down and rest. Despite Baba’s ministrations, however, Kashiram Shimpi’s condition worsened, and he eventually passed away later that evening.

Baba and his devotees were grief-stricken by Kashiram Shimpi’s sudden death. Baba himself performed the final rites for the departed soul, and he later said that Kashiram Shimpi had attained liberation and had merged with the Divine.

The death of Kashiram Shimpi on Ekadasi day is seen by many devotees as a sign of Baba’s grace and his ability to confer spiritual liberation on his devotees. It is also a reminder of the power of devotion and the importance of surrendering oneself completely to the Divine.

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