The Divine Encounter: Tatyasaheb Noolkar’s First Meeting with Sai Baba in Shirdi

Tatyasaheb Noolkar was a prominent subjudge from the town of Pandarpur in Maharashtra, India. He is renowned for his first visit to the holy town of Shirdi, where he had an encounter with the revered saint, Sai Baba.

Tatyasaheb Noolkar’s journey to Shirdi was a significant event in his life. In 1909, he had heard about Sai Baba from a friend and was keen to meet the saint. When he arrived in Shirdi, he went straight to the mosque where Sai Baba was known to stay.

As soon as he saw Sai Baba, Tatyasaheb Noolkar was struck by the saint’s radiant aura and divine presence. Sai Baba welcomed him with open arms and asked him to be seated. Tatyasaheb Noolkar was overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude, and he began to weep.

Sai Baba then spoke to Tatyasaheb Noolkar and revealed to him some personal details about his life. Tatyasaheb Noolkar was amazed and knew that Sai Baba was a truly enlightened being.

Tatyasaheb Noolkar continued to visit Shirdi and Sai Baba regularly, and he became a devoted disciple.

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