Unbreakable Devotion: The Inspiring Story of Tatya Patil Sleeping Near Sai Baba in the Masjid Since 1898

Tatya Patil was a devoted disciple of Sai Baba, who lived in Shirdi, a small village in Maharashtra, India. Tatya was born in a poor family and lost his parents at a young age. He was taken care of by his uncle, who happened to be a devotee of Sai Baba. Tatya was introduced to Baba by his uncle, and since then, he became a staunch follower of Baba.

Tatya used to spend most of his time with Baba and would do anything to please him. One day, Baba started sleeping in the Masjid, and Tatya, being his closest disciple, also started sleeping near Baba in the Masjid. He would spend the entire night watching over Baba and attending to his needs.

Tatya’s devotion and love for Baba were so great that he would do anything to make Baba happy. He would fetch water for Baba, clean the Masjid, and run errands for him. Tatya’s selfless service to Baba earned him Baba’s love and blessings.

Baba also had a great affection for Tatya and considered him as his own child. Baba would often address Tatya as “My Tatya” and would shower him with his love and blessings. Tatya’s devotion and love for Baba were so great that Baba once said, “Tatya is my very breath, he is my life.”

Tatya continued to serve Baba until Baba’s Mahasamadhi in 1918. After Baba’s passing, Tatya continued to serve the villagers of Shirdi and would often share his experiences with Baba with the villagers. Tatya’s devotion and love for Baba continue to inspire millions of people even today.

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