Sai baba miracle: Shri SAI BABA appears in the Akhand lamp at Udala SAI Darbar

Sai baba Miracle,

Today is October 15th. This day is essential for all Shirdi Sai devotees. Sri Sai was buried on October 15th. We got to see a beautiful spectacle in the evening to remember this day.

The incident happened, in the Akhandeep burning on the premises of our Sai Darbar Udala, Odisha.

sai baba appears in akhand lamp

Saibaba was seen in the burning lamp. After Aarti in the evening, this scene was caught by the Pujari of the temple. Then this photo was sent through WhatsApp. Unique calendars are being introduced to celebrate Indian Tithi and Vidhan.

The posture appears in that Akhand dip is looks like the above picture of Shri Sai Baba.

The day Baba took Mahasamadhi was October 15th on Dashera. But this year Dashera fell on October 5th. We observed that day as Shri Sai Punyathithi. We celebrated it with fanfare. But today Sri Sai gave us this hint indirectly to know the value of this date. It has surprised us. We reported this wonderful news of Udala Sai Darbar through social media.

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