Devidas: The Devotee who became a Saint under the guidance of Sri Sai Baba in Shirdi


Devidas, also known as Saint Devidas, was a young boy of around 10-11 years of age when he arrived in Shirdi in the year 1846. He came from a small village called Nimgaon, which was located around 30 kilometers away from Shirdi. Devidas was a devotee of Lord Vitthal, a popular deity in Maharashtra. He had heard about the spiritual presence of Sri Sai Baba in Shirdi and had come to seek his blessings and guidance.

The Divine Atmosphere of Shirdi

Upon his arrival in Shirdi, Devidas was overwhelmed by the divine atmosphere of the village. The village was surrounded by lush greenery and had a peaceful ambiance that immediately put Devidas at ease. He soon became a regular visitor to Sri Sai Baba’s Masjid, where he would spend long hours in meditation and prayer.

Sri Sai Baba’s Guidance

Sri Sai Baba recognized Devidas’s spiritual potential and began to guide him on his path. He taught him the importance of selfless service, devotion, and detachment from material possessions. Under Sri Sai Baba’s guidance, Devidas learned to surrender himself to the divine will and to focus on the present moment.

Devotional Songs

Over time, Devidas became a close disciple of Sri Sai Baba and would often accompany him on his daily walks and visits to nearby villages. He also became known for his beautiful devotional songs, which he would sing in praise of Lord Vitthal and other deities. His melodious voice and deep devotion to the divine touched the hearts of all those who heard him sing.

The Significance of Devidas’s Arrival in Shirdi

The arrival of Devidas in Shirdi was significant in many ways. It marked the beginning of a lifelong spiritual journey for the young boy, who would go on to become a respected saint in his own right. It also demonstrated the profound influence that Sri Sai Baba had on the lives of those who came into contact with him. Through Devidas, Sri Sai Baba’s teachings reached a wider audience, inspiring others to follow the path of love, compassion, and selfless service.

The Legacy of Devidas and Sri Sai Baba

Today, the legacy of Devidas and Sri Sai Baba continues to inspire millions of people around the world. Their teachings of love, compassion, and selfless service continue to guide people on their own spiritual journeys, offering a path towards greater peace, harmony, and enlightenment. The teachings of Sri Sai Baba and Devidas remind us that spirituality is not about rigid rituals or dogmatic beliefs, but about living a life of love, kindness, and service to others.


The story of Devidas and his journey to becoming a saint under the guidance of Sri Sai Baba is a testament to the power of faith, devotion, and selfless service. It reminds us that anyone can embark on a spiritual journey, regardless of their age or background. By following the teachings of Sri Sai Baba and Devidas, we can all learn to lead a more meaningful, compassionate, and fulfilling life.


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